Who We Are

YMOP is a Denver metro area-based enrichment program that focuses on promoting positive self-images and behaviors to African American and Latino middle/high school male students. We are celebrating 10 years of positive manhood development, integrity, and purpose for young boys.

Young Men Of Purpose

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We Are Excellent

For over a decade, YMOP has delivered excellence to the lives of young men of color. We promote social-emotional wellness, leadership development, and academic success. We encourage our YMOP Boyz to live by our core values: Manhood. Integrity. Purpose. Our students have better behavior, higher academic success, and increased positive outlooks on life. Most importantly our Boyz graduate!

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What Do We Offer?

We activate life skills in predominantly African American and Latino boys. We have eight content areas of focus.

Social Emotional Wellness
Teachers, staff, and parents have noted attitudinal and social-emotional adjustments and curved negative behavior in students after the 1st semester.
Academic Success
91% of our participants can explain YMOP principles and many can articulate the academic or methodological path to their ``purpose``.
Conflict Resolution
We facilitated counselor and teacher trainings at CU-Denver and DPS.
Community Service and Peer Mentorship
We instill the importance of giving back to the community and lifting each other up. It is important the young men know they must reach back as they grow.
Civility and Etiquette
Excellence is rooted in how we show up in the world. YMOP instills manhood, integrity, and purpose for all of the young men who participate in our program.
Cultural Identity Appreciation
Parents have also noted their child becoming more cultural and socially empowered.
Social Justice and Equality
We see a future where our young men can show up in spaces and truly shine. Equality is for all of us.
College Readiness
YMOP has a 97% Graduation rate. 75% of YMOP HS grads, are currently enrolled or graduated from a college and university!

``Our mission is to intercept society's message toward young men of color.``

Founder Rico Wint