10 Years of Excellence

Young Men of Purpose is an enrichment program that attempts to innovatively and efficiently guide inner-city elementary, middle, and high school males through a rewarding program that will challenge, enlighten, and promote positive self-image and behaviors.

YMOP is proud to be a part of growth and academic development. YMOP offers numerous examples of relevant academic, social, and practical leadership trainings that are vital to a competitive 21st-century student. YMOP knows when our young men of color access the same opportunities as other ethnic counterparts they are successful.

Young Men of Purpose

Why Choose Us?

Graduation Rates
YMOP Boyz have a 97% graduation rate. Our Boyz graduate at high rates than state and local averages.
75% of YMOP high school graduates are currently enrolled or graduated from college or technical programs. Our Boyz attend 4-year universities, graduate programs, military, and technical programs.
91% of YMOP scholars stated they have applied the YMOP core values to their everyday lives. They can explain and demonstrate manhood, integrity, and purpose.
Our Boyz have the opportunity to lead school-wide initiatives to promote community change. Our most popular is our anti-bullying campaign.

Our Boyz Graduate

Take a look at our graduates.


How YMOP Works

This Program is a For-Profit Organization
/ During School
  • Schools select 10-25 students to participate
  • Academic Motivation
  • Male Role Models
  • A Place to Belong

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YMOP is for 3rd-12th-grade boyz seeking leadership opportunities, positive male role models, academic motivation, and a cool place to belong.